Animal Voices Film Festival - Medicine of the Wolf

Monday, Feb 26, 2018 at 7:00pm


Sponsored by Speak Out for Species in partnership with the UGA Office of Sustainability and the Walter J. Brown Media Archives & Peabody Awards Collection.

Please join us for our 13th annual film festival to explore the lives of amazing species who share our planet and the efforts of dedicated people to protect them!

Medicine of the Wolf

MEDICINE OF THE WOLF is an award-winning documentary that goes deep into the northern Minnesota landscape to wolf country to investigate the intrinsic value of perhaps the most unjustly persecuted animal on the planet. The film centers on the remarkable, world-renowned environmentalist and National Geographic photographer Jim Brandenburg, who has photographed and studied wolves in the field for 45 years. As our guide, Brandenburg provides rare glimpses into their world, conveying the beauty and intelligence of the wolf, while uncovering the misunderstandings and fear we still have of them.

Anti-wolf sentiments nearly led to the extermination of America's wolves, and just when populations are starting to bounce back, wolves are being hunted and trapped at an alarming rate in several states, placing this iconic species in jeopardy once again. Documented with stunning cinematography, MEDICINE OF THE WOLF explores the crucial roles wolves play in the ecosystem and the highly charged politics that could push the animal's population to the brink of collapse.

The documentary was honored with the Grand Jury Award at the Arizona International Film Festival, the "Best Of" Award at the Minneapolis International Film Festival, and the Audience Choice Award at the G2 Green Earth Film Festival in Venice, California.

Discussion will be led by Dr. Ron Carroll, Professor Emeritus of Ecology at the Odum School of Ecology and former Director of the Institute of Ecology, who was involved in the successful reintroduction and release of the Mexican Wolf in Arizona and New Mexico. Before reintroduction it was considered extinct in the U.S. with only remnant populations left in remote mountains of Mexico.

2015, 70 minutes.

Location: Miller Learning Center Room 148