Davisboro Haunted Manor Attraction

Friday, Oct 27, 2017


Witness for yourself how the walls talk and come to life … how the walls CRAWL with the unspeakable. Take it from the weak ones, NEVER stay in the kitchen for long if you don’t want to be the next ghostly serving for the guests!

The EVIL TWINS send “most guests” (the survivors) rushing through the Tunnel of Fear to escape only to be greeted by the chilling and most thrilling “CARNEVIL” house! Wall to wall unsettling thrills await you! Don’t let the creepy carny sounds send you running back through the chicken-out door! Make your way through “CARNEVIL”, “Beyond the Graves” and tempt your fate at escaping the new ghostly OCTAGON in the Field of Screams. This year matches no other & exceeds all your nightmares!

Ticket booths open from 7:30pm till 11pm.

Haunt begins at dark till the last person makes it out!