Terror in the Wild Attraction

Terror in the Wild Attraction

Friday, Oct 27, 2017 at 8:00pm

3766 Old Clyattville Road


Work has been hard to find since the end of the world – at least, that’s what you told yourself when Extermination X began hiring. Sure, it doesn’t have the best reputation, but most companies that did were destroyed in the chaos. So you accepted the job, and ended up here; sharing an uneasy look with your coworker as you both prepare to follow the slow slope leading into the sewers. You’ve heard stories about the things skittering around down there, and it’s with a deep breath that you pray the tunnels beneath your feet are the one place that escaped radiation poisoning.


You’ve heard bad things about this place – about these so-called “survivalists” – but when the world is crashing down around you, sometimes bad is the best you can get. 

Camp Hack-A-Way:

There’s a terrible history behind this summer camp, but ever since the apocalypse shook your civilized society to the core, you’ve learned the hard way that there are plenty more horrifying places to spend the night. 

It’s why you finally give in and sneak across the green one night, the daydream of an abandoned bunk to sleep in driving you forward. It also helps you ignore the many bones littering the edges of fire pits, and eventually, you find a dust-covered cot bunched up in a corner. 

Sadly, it isn’t long before you hear them, the “counselors” racing in behind you. Even the Survivalists are wary of them – well, about as wary as cannibals can be of one another. You start to run with your heart pounding in your ears.

Clown Chaos:

The flash of a painted face gives you pause. Survivalists typically try to blend in, but an echo of husky laughter makes it all too clear that this is a different beast. You try walking another way – to escape it’s direction – but a different face appears from the shadows. 

They’re clowns – dozens of them – waiting, lurking in the dark. You’ve heard about the laughter they used to incite, before. But the apocalypse has warped many things, including the intent behind those cackling faces. 

You’d run, but you’re already surrounded.

The park transitions into Terror in the Wild from Kid-O-Ween starting at 6:00 PM and rides are in operation but the Terror in the Wild attractions and scare zones open and begin at dusk which is around 8:00 PM.


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