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Callaway Gardens

17800 US Highway 27

Our Mission Statement:
Connecting man and nature in a way that benefits both.

Our Vision Statements:
Callaway Gardens is: "Inspired by those before us, we will leave for those who follow, a legacy which benefits mankind." We aspire to this vision through a number of events and programs that reach far beyond the boundaries of the Gardens into the local community and throughout the country.


Wes S

Wednesday, March 14, 2018
Callaway gardens is a great park with a lot to do in all seasons. Spring brings lots of blooms, Summer is time to visit their beach on the lake, Fall is a great time to see colors, and Winter had the Fantasy in Ligts drive through Christmas light display. The butterfly house is great, and there's always a great view on top of the mountain or at the lake.

Heidi Cory

Sunday, June 10, 2018
Went for the Christmas Lights showing. It was just as amazing as I remembered it as a kid! ❤

Kymistree Of Life

Sunday, April 8, 2018
Very tranquil, beautiful and peaceful place. We went for a weekend getaway and truly enjoyed ourselves. The food is superb at Callaway and in the surrounding vicinity.

James Turner

Friday, June 1, 2018
My wife and I had an incredible time here! Beautiful place with incredible customer service!

Jennifer Harris

Sunday, May 13, 2018
This was my 3rd visit to Callaway and, unfortunately, probably my last. Pros: The Discovery Center is beautiful, and their giftshop is reasonably priced. We arrived early; the bike paths weren't crowded. There was plenty of shade, so we stayed relatively cool despite the heat (pro tip: buy/bring a handheld fan. It was well worth the $2) Cons: Bike rental no longer gives discounts for military, senior, AAA, etc. Bike paths are not clearly marked; we got turned around and accidently rode off the path several times. We encountered a family of bicyclists having the same problem; we ended up riding along the street and walked our bikes through a "no bicycles, please" path to get back on track. The Sibley Center is closed, but it is still listed as a feature on the maps. The area around the building is not well-maintained. It was sad riding past its big, beautiful glass facade. A lot of the ponds/reflection pools were stagnant and smelled like wet towels. The waterfall area behind the chapel smelled of mildew. It was unpleasant. We couldn't figure out how to leave the park... No, seriously, we spent about 20 minutes following signs to two different exits and they were both closed. I called the number on my parking slip, and a woman at the Discovery Center gave me directions. *** My overall impression: It's not about the gardens anymore; it's about the resort/golf/spa.

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