Centennial Olympic Park

265 Park Ave West North West

The Park sponsors community-wide free events, including the Fourth of July Celebration, Wednesday Wind Down concert series and Fourth Saturday Family Fun Days. The Park also hosts festivals, fundraisers and private events. These events, in addition to the normal day-to-day traffic, bring an estimated three million visitors to this urban oasis each year.


Charles Mitchell

Thursday, Nov. 2, 2017

It lacks activities for youth outside. The night sky is beautiful but closing the gates makes no sense. The night sky from the park is one of the best views you will find. Too many gates that serve no purpose all over the city. No fruits to pick or nuts. I haven't seen any charging stations nor campsites.. music is automated playing the same songs... The fountains have no fish. Dogs must be leashed. Fountains also don't have frogs lizards salamanders ducks geese etc. Flowing water with no purpose seems contrary to the ideals of coca

Matthew Denessen

Sunday, Oct. 8, 2017

Wow! We ended up out to eat Around 8-9pm on a Friday even and heard music coming from the park. We dicided to go investigate and were pleasantly surprised to the "the dancing water" as we called it. The Olympic Water Rings were synchronized to some hip oldies so we sat and watched for about 30min. Quite the spectacle and it's free to sit and enjoy!

Jennifer Cottonham

Monday, July 31, 2017

Nice park. Nice atmosphere for the most part. During the earlier part of therapy morning and day was least enjoyable. My group of 12 wanted to have a meeting under one of the pavilions with one of Atlanta's top fitness blogger. There was no available space..not because wasn't any room, but because there were solo many homeless people sleeping there. Atlanta is not at fault about this situation, but it is responsible. This is a popular tourist area. This did not shed a positive light in the city in my eyes..The mayor and city council should be ashamed to allow this. I don't mean harass and punish those in need, I mean provide them with a place to go. During the afternoon hours around 1pm, the park became more enjoyable as the homeless began to move around and event started, and more people were out enjoying the park and having picnics

kayci peterson

Sunday, Nov. 5, 2017

Definitely a must see. Easy to access from the surrounding hotels. I enjoyed seeing all the kids playing in the water...especially my teenagers!

Riccardo Rossi

Thursday, Sep. 7, 2017

A pretty green oasis in the middle of Atlanta. At the moment there are some "work in progress" to enhance the area (so the view could be disturbed by the construction machines), but the park is still an optimal place to take a rest. The Aquarium, The Coca Cola Museum, The Football Hall of Fame and the CNN are easily reachable by walk from there. Restrooms and many parking solutions are available around the area.