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DC Miller Nature Preserve

DC Miller Nature Preserve
642 Dunlevie Road

With more than 1,500 acres of woodlands, meadows, wetlands and ponds, the goal of the recently established DC Miller Nature Center is to connect children and reconnect adults to nature.  The three main objectives of the Nature Center are Environmental Education, Stewardship, and Recreation.  The education component of the Nature Center will take place on these 1,500 acres and also in a new Environmental Education Center.  A variety of interactive educational programs will be offered that should demonstrate the cycles of life, the interconnectedness of all things, and the importance of bio-diversity and sustainability.  From the microscopic level on up, children and adults will experience nature through programs such as guided nature walks, soil and aquatic investigations, migratory bird observations, Christmas bird and wildlife counts, tree and plant identifications and uses, and much more.  Camping and horse trail-riding may also be available.  The mission of the DC Miller Nature Center is “to restore, protect and sustain Miller’s Pasture and its native plants and animals and to use them to educate and enrich the lives of the people of Liberty County and of Coastal Georgia”.  The area’s history will also be presented in the century-old Dunlevie House, situated at the entrance to the Nature Center.  The Nature Center is located about a half mile south of US 84 in Allenhurst, just a few miles from the center of Hinesville.

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