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Union Point - Durhamtown Off Road Resort

2350 Randolph Church Road

Durhamtown is the largest destination for off road adventures! Our Trails and Tracks are all one way with onsite medical personnel. We also have call box locations throughout the property.
Durhamtown offers prime riding for Dirt Bikers, Mountain Bikers, Quads, Side x Sides, Buggies, Trophy Trucks, Jeeps and 4x4 Riders.
Our property is 6,750 Acres of pine forest, a beautiful country setting and safety is our priority. Durhamtown is for all people who enjoy the outdoors. We have trophy managed hunting, clay target shooting, fishing and a rifle range.
Bring your own off road vehicle or rent one from us! We have over 100 units for rent including all of your safety gear for one great price. We Rent Dirt Bikes, ATVs or Side x Sides! Sorry, we do not rent Jeeps!


Billy Scott

Sunday, April 1, 2018
We had a great time and there is definitely a wide variety of tracks and trails. Our rentals went pretty smooth and all the employees we dealt with were polite and helpful. Other riders were courteous on the trails, everyone seemed to follow the rules, and we got to do plenty at our skill levels, even on the busiest day. Camping was a nice added benefit with full hook-ups, and that was very peaceful at night. We will certainly be back.

Brandon Tucker

Friday, Jan. 19, 2018
Great place to take the family and enjoy off-road vehicles. The people were friendly and the trails were fun. We haven't stayed in the cabins yet, but plan on that sometime in the near future. They have good food, A service shop of needed, and you can rent anything you need to have a good time. Fun for all ages!

Jamie Ferrell

Saturday, April 7, 2018
I have been coming to Durhamtown for over 10 years now and I have 3 kids. My kids love riding there and not a weekend goes by that they aren't begging me to go let them ride. Every time I have visited Mike McCommons(the owner) and his staff has welcomed us with smiles and hospitality. They are very strict with the rules and I can see why. Durhamtown is a huge place where family's come to relax and let there kids ride and know that they are safe. So I'm sitting here reading these negative comments and can't even believe why some of the people were upset. I would rather have a safe place where my kids can go hang out and I know they are safe because I know that the RULES are being enforced. I WOULD LIKE TO FIRST THANK MIKE MCCOMMONS FOR PUTTING ALL HIS HARD WORK INTO MAKING AN AWESOME SAFE PLACE FOR FAMILY'S TO COME AND RIDE AND THEN HIS STAFF FOR ALWAYS HAVING A SMILE ON THEIR FACE AND WILLING TO HELP AND MAKE A SAFE, RELAXING AND FUN PLACE!!!!!

Stephanie Shippy

Wednesday, Jan. 31, 2018
Great place to go off-roading! The trails are very well kept (not quite as good as Hatfield and McCoy trails in WV). The Cabins are nice but very basic. But what more do you need than a roof over your head, heater or AC, warm shower, bathroom, mini fridge and microwave. The first day the trails were very wet and muddy as it rained hard the day before all day long. Some of the trails were flooded out. But day after that it was great!

Julian James

Wednesday, Nov. 1, 2017
The facilities were clean and convenient. My first rental bike needed a clutch adjustment, but when I brought it too the attention of the staff they provided me with an alternate and were very flexible to make sure we had a good time. The trails were extensive and well kept. On one occasion we came across a staff member at a trail head providing a warning that a bike was being serviced around the third bend, indicating the staff was on top of maintaining a safe environment. However, no one is out there protecting you from yourself, which is nice. Miles of trails and a few a few motocross courses offered more fun than you can have in a single day.

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