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Folklore Haunted House

Folklore Haunted House
5389 North Main Street

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Home Is Where Your Heart Is… And So Are Your Organs At This Atlanta Haunted House
Every place around the world is home to somebody. A city, a house, maybe even a mere object can heighten your emotions and make you feel safe and secure. But with every rose comes the thorns, and some places have knacks for containing a dark side as well. Take Georgia for instance, a very populated state that many call home. But if we look closer at places in Georgia, perhaps maybe Acworth, Georgia, we might find a very treacherous haunted house, a place that houses some of the most intense, insanely dastardly, unsavory monsters in the realm of Earth. This haunted house is no joke, just look on Georgia Haunted Houses or find your flock at the Top 20 Haunted Houses in Atlanta. Maybe we’ll find something a little less homey. Haunted houses are only home to the creatures inside and the concept of “home” isn’t something they take kindly to. Tortured and terrorized, these creatures wish to inflict their pain onto unsuspecting travelers and tourists so that they may never feel alone in their fear. This Atlanta haunted house will cause people to run and scream and abandon all thoughts of home…

Our Attractions Are To Die For
Dare to come through to the Atlanta Haunted House known as Folklore, as you contemplate life choices such as, “Why did I do this to myself”. You won’t be saying that out of boredom, mind you. Oh no. Only pure terror. Folklore can be found lurking in the links of HauntWorld and the Top 10 Best Haunted Houses in Atlanta, GA. It has endured years of misery and demons clinging to it like leeches. The catch is, it only makes it stronger. The test of time will prove that Folklore is a treasure you will have to witness, and then melt at the sight of. You will not be disappointed, by an ancient haunted manor attempting to swallow you whole, or a room where everything seems to be reaching out to touch and fuse with you. Or the depths of an abandoned asylum where the inmates give you more than you bargained for! You also might get buried alive, so hey, six of one.

We Welcome You To Your Doom
This Atlanta Haunted House is proud to welcome you to its terrifying attractions and mazes that will leave you breathless and squirming. You will undeniably remember the state of Georgia not just for peanuts and Coca-Cola, but for horror and your worst fears come true. We thrive with fans like yourself and your happy attempts to face your fears with us by your side… and behind you… closing in fast. Just look at Haunted House Magazine, it’s a known fact that we find ourselves doing so well thanks to you guys. Because people want to be scared, being scared is a part of life that we cannot avoid or deny. It happens to all of us and a haunted house, especially this Atlanta Haunted House, is happy to help fuel that confidence in you. We exist for your pleasure and bravery. Find us and our terrifying swagger as well as others like us displayed with elegance on sites such as GA Followers and AXS. This Atlanta Haunted House relishes in your fandom and patronage and will most definitely see you come screamin’ season.

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