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Atlanta - Jimmy Carter Presidential Library And Museum

441 Freedom Parkway

Located in Atlanta, Georgia, the Jimmy Carter Presidential Library and Museum is part of the Presidential Library system administered by the National Archives and Records Administration, a Federal government agency.

The Museum of the Jimmy Carter Library includes photographs and historical memorabilia from the Carter presidency (1976 - 1981). An exact replica of the Oval Office and gifts received by the Carters are also featured. A permanent exhibit of significant events occurring during Jimmy Carter's life and political career includes photographs with interpretative text.


Jeremy m

Tuesday, April 10, 2018
Beautiful gardens. It's really easy to walk to as well. The city trails go right to it. The museum was larger than i expected it to be. I thought it would be just a quick breeze-through and we ended up there for over two hours, and that's without really reading everything, just casually passing through. Well worth visiting.

Andrew Coniglio

Thursday, March 22, 2018
This is the fourth Presidential Library I’ve been to and thought it was very interesting and informative. Underrated President. But he does know Captain America!

Terese Jackson

Wednesday, Feb. 21, 2018
Excellent Presidential Library and Museum. Very impressed by how President Carter's story is told. Walked away knowing so much more about him. Would encourage everyone to visit to learn more about this great man.

Victor Hills

Wednesday, April 4, 2018
My Family and I visited The Jimmy Carter Presidental Library & Museum on our 6 day trip to Atlanta. We stayed at the Barclay Hotel downtown so we had to drive about 10 minutes (2.7 miles) to reach the Museum. The admission Adult $8.00, Senior (60+) $6.00, Child (0-16) FREE. The Museum and around the gardens are wheelchair accessible. The parking onsite is FREE. It takes about 2 hours to tour. Cameras are allowed but NO FLASH.

Ivee L

Saturday, Nov. 4, 2017
I really enjoyed this place and learned so much. I am not a history buff, and knew very little about President Carter before my visit. The museum is very informative. I loved that there are many short videos to watch. Kids can learn without having to read a lot and there's a display for kids in each section to try to engage them. The timeline organization of his life is very clear and detailed. Each section shows the time period, the main topic, and a quote before a series of pictures and displays. Their captions for pictures are very clear too, you don't have to read numbers or location to correspond the captions, each captions come with a small thumbnail of that picture. The garden is absolutely stunning especially during the sunset in the fall. My only compliant is that a lot of the background color on the text displays are in light colors like yellow and orange with white fonts. I don't have any visual problem or disability and found it really hard to read because of the lighting. I had to get really close and adjust the angle to be able to read it. I really hope they would fix that! There's also a temporary exhibition on health and disease that The Carter Center is helping. It talked about many preventable diseases in the developing countries and what they are doing to help, educate, and control them. It also talked a lot about how the Carters helped eradicate the first human disease ever - guinea worm.

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