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Museum Of Arts And Sciences

4182 Forsyth Road

Mission: The purpose of the Museum of Arts and Sciences is to acquire, preserve, study, interpret, and exhibit objects of artistic, scientific, historical, or cultural value that have inherent significance to the people of Central Georgia, so as to promote a fuller understanding of humankind, its heritage and environment.  

Vision: The Museum of Arts and Sciences is a regional resource for life-long learning and enrichment that engages a diverse audience by presenting objects and experiences designed to evoke wonder, stimulate curiosity, and open minds to new worlds of discovery.


Angel Rodriguez

Saturday, Feb. 3, 2018
I loved going here today with my family! There really is a lot to do and see. Many of the attractions are interactive so they will hold the attention of children of all ages. The prices were extremely fair, even for current students. The staff was especially helpful and courteous. We were visiting from out of town, but if we are every in the Macon area again, we will be sure to visit. Wonderfully fun and informative time for all ages!

Callen Henretty

Monday, Feb. 19, 2018
Wow - what a gem in Macon for families to enjoy!!! We were visiting my family in central Georgia and met here on a rainy Sunday. I wish we had something this nice in Atlanta, although it would definitely be more expensive and crowded! The kids museum area was impressive - very clean and updated. There were lots of hands-on exhibits for the little ones to enjoy. We LOVED the mini-zoo and the animal presentation was so fun and educational. I wish I could remember the young zookeeper's name - he did a great job in the show!! All of the staff were super friendly and helpful. The planetarium was also entertaining. We easily spent over 3 hours and prob would have stayed longer had we brought snacks :) This would be a great place for a birthday party!

Wendy Y

Tuesday, June 5, 2018
So the Museum itself is great for family-friendly outings and doesn't cost a lot. The reason I'm giving a 3 star instead of a 5 star is because of the EXTREMELY RUDE OLDER LADY THAT WAS SITTING AT THE FRONT DESK. I really believe it will hurt her terribly is she were to smile. She had a very monotoned personality and absolutely no people skills. Horrible customer service when I was asking her questions about times and schedules for the exhibits and shows. She acted as if I were a complete inconvenience and bother to her sitting at her desk doing absolutely nothing and there weren't any other people in line or behind us. Only us. Myself, my daughter, and my two sons. Then to top off the disrespectful experience that we had from the very impression of walking through the doors of the museum was when I went to pay for our admission. I handed her my bank card as my payment option and besides the fact of her taking SOOOOOOO long to slide it in the reader when there was obviously no reason for her to lollygag around; when she slid it she said with a very agitated tone and loud (now there was another family in line behind me) "DECLINED!" I said uumm.. No ma'am. It shouldn't be declined.. She slid it again and this time I watched her and she hit the option for credit when there was also an option for debit. Well, it showed on the screen declined again and she just rudely put her hand out to me to hand me back my card. I pulled up my online banking on my phone and even showed her my balance (she seemed not to care) I asked her if she can run it as debit and she without hesitation and rudely said "NO, we don't do debit here." I said well there is an option for it and there is money on that so can you try it. So she was very disturbed and frustrated at me by now and did as I asked. She said "put your pin in. We don't do it normally because this box is too heavy and big to keep picking up and turning around." And guess what?....YEP... It went through. She litteraly handed me the recipet told me to keep it if I needed to go out and come back in and that was it. No thank you or have a good day and oh forget it if I was expecting a smile from her. So there you have it. Im a firm believer in premiere customer service when interacting with the public no matter where you are working. Volunteer or payroll.

Kelly Ann

Friday, May 18, 2018
I went with my daughters school for her field trip So many rude people who work there especially Amanda Vining they need kid friendly people who love their job!

Aimee Kay

Sunday, May 27, 2018
Got to go to the late night planetarium show. It was a lot of fun!

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