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Macon - Ocmulgee National Monument

1207 Emery Highway

Ocmulgee National Monument has 17,000 years of continuous habitation. The first people to arrive to Middle Georgia were the Paleo Indians around 15,000 BCE during the Ice Age period. After the Ice Age period, the planet slowly began to warm, the large Ice Age animals died off, and the people in Middle Georgia became hunters and gathers (Archaic period); hunting deer and other small game while living a nomadic lifestyle.

Around 1000 BCE the Woodland culture began horticulture with sunflowers, giant ragweed and other grasses and living in small villages. Around 500 CE, corn, beans, and squash were grown in Middle Georgia.

Around 900 CE, newcomers known as the Mississippians came to Middle Georgia building mounds for their elite. The Mississippians thrived here until 1600 when European diseases brought the culture to an end. The people after 1600 became known as the Muscogee (Creek) who were removed from Georgia to Oklahoma by the early 1800s.


Jason Rannow

Tuesday, Feb. 27, 2018
Beautiful park that is well maintained. The staff is very proactive in removing invasive species, and it shows. It was really cool to see them replacing invasive privet with native river cane. The trail system is easy to hike, but has a lot of variation. One trail takes you to the top of the tallest mound, and another takes you on a boardwalk to the riverfront. Others meander through the park's woods. It's a wonderful place to wander through on a warm fall day.

arlene grimes

Wednesday, March 14, 2018
Great place to visit. The Ranger was very friendly and informative. Learned a lot in the visitors building. The mounds were interesting and the hike through the woods was pleasant and relaxing. Lots of birds. Plenty of benches for quite moments with the birds and beauty of nature.

Dana Key

Wednesday, March 14, 2018
Came back a week later. The man at the desk knows his business. And is more than happy to answer any questions and try to teach your kids what the school won't. 💗 We loved it and will be back.

Eli Fripp

Wednesday, Nov. 29, 2017
Great place for an afternoon outing! Fun and informative visitors center, beautiful grounds and so much to learn about the Mississippian culture by actually seeing what they built! The Indian mounds are breathtaking with views over the forest and downtown Macon. See inside of one of the mounds as it was thousands of years ago. There are miles and miles of biking and walking trails through the wetlands. Lots of wildlife and flora to explore. Proud of Macon's rich native heritage preserved here at the Ocmulgee National Monument.

Ashley Ball

Tuesday, Dec. 5, 2017
This is a very cool monument. It wasn't busy when we visited. The walking path was nice. It can get a bit hot, and there's not much shade on the path, so be prepared for that. The museum is pretty interesting. The gift shop is small, but has some unique stuff in it. Overall, a good family outing.

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