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Old Savannah Tour

250 Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard

Why Choose Old Savannah Tours?

Since 1979 we've been providing visitors to Savannah the best choice of trolley tours....twice as long as our nearest competitor. We're Savannah-owned. Our hearts are here. Our guides are long-time employees and most grew up here. Our tour has been created by Savannahians and refined over time by personal research and local experience which makes each tour as different and descriptive as the guide's love for our city. This is a far cry from tours scripted by writers in a national chain's home office. In addition, we cut no corners; discount tours can discount your experience. Hometown expertise with no compromise is why we confidently claim Old Savannah Tours is your best choice. It's no accident that "Savannah" is our middle name.

We Bring Savannah's History To Life

Bringing Savannah's History To Life is not just a's our promise. Along with our uniquely personal descriptions of Savannah's rich and spellbinding history, actual historical re-enactors appear from time to time, boarding and walking the aisles of your trolley. You might see Forrest Gump, Georgia founder General James Oglethorpe, or a lingering pirate from the old days at the historic Pirate's House. Your tour guide might even be dressed in a wardrobe from long ago as well.

Choose the Best!

There is a difference, if you were to only experience one tour, be sure it's the best. Why settle for seeing history or just hearing about it when you can live it? We're so confident in the excellence we provide that we offer a 100% refund should you feel we did not live up to our promise.

We invite you to come live Savannah's history with us at Old Savannah Tours where we're always Bringing Savannah's History To Life!

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