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Perry Buzzard Drop

801 Main Street

New Year’s Eve will not be your typical “Crystal Ball Drop,” in Downtown Perry. Yes, it’s true, New York City may host the Apple Drop where over a million people gather to watch as a large, lighted apple descends upon Times Square, and Georgia’s own Atlanta will host the pride of the Peach State’s Peach Drop at Lennox Square. However, here in Perry, we were thinking something more original.

Inspired by the creativity of Lebanon, PA, home of the Giant Bologna Drop, and Brasstown, NC, where a live possum drops at the stroke of midnight to ring in the New Year, we sought something unique that we could lay claim to. We looked west to our neighbors in Mobile, AL, and admired the Moonpie they so proudly venerate each New Year’s Eve, and as we thought and searched our hearts, it became clear: We Will Drop…a Buzzard!

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