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The Big House Museum

The Big House Museum
2321 Vineville Ave

The Big House is located at 2321 Vineville Avenue, Macon, GA. In 1969 it was for rent, and by January 1970, it became the house where members of the band, their roadies, friends and families lived until 1973. It was the focal point of gathering in those early years when the magic that is the Allman Brothers Band was just taking shape and radiating from this historic Southern town.

In January of 1970, Linda Oakley rented the house for Berry and her to live in while the band worked and recorded at Capricorn Records. The first to live there were Berry, Linda, and their daughter Brittany, Duane Allman, his lady Donna and their daughter Galadrielle, Berry's sister Candy Oakley and Gregg Allman. Others came and went, but eventually the "Big House" was a place that was touched by all who were part of the extended family of the Allman Brothers Band.

Linda and Berry and their baby daughter were living in Macon in a one-bedroom loft over the apartment of Butch Trucks. Candy was living with them, using the couch in the living room as a bed. It was obvious they needed more space. The band was on their first road trip out West when Linda began looking for a place. Berry had given his OK and there was a little money coming in, so they could afford to move into something bigger.

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