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Atlanta - The World of Coca-Cola

121 Baker Street North West

The World of Coca-Cola at Pemberton Place celebrated its Grand Opening on May 24, 2007. It’s the only place where you can explore the fascinating story of Coca-Cola - the world’s best-known beverage brand.

The World of Coca-Cola is the home of the 125-year-old secret formula for Coca-Cola and features more than 1,200 artifacts from around the world that, until now, have never been displayed to the public before.

Around every corner you’ll experience something new and inviting. You’ll see great interactive exhibits such as a thrilling, multi-sensory 4-D movie (3D glasses with moving seats) and a fully functioning bottling line. You can view more than 1,200 artifacts from around the world that, until now, have never been displayed to the public before. You can even give our 7-foot Coca-Cola Polar Bear a big hug! And of course, a World of Coca­-Cola favorite—the tasting experience, will give you a refreshing opportunity to sample over 60 different beverages from around the world.

All this and much more make the World of Coca­-Cola a unique and must-see Atlanta experience! A visit of the entire attraction is estimated to last an average of 2 hours.


Shashank Jadhav

Tuesday, March 13, 2018
The best place to know the history and secret of Coca-Cola! Interactive experience with 120 flavors of Coke to taste from all over the world! The souvenir store at the end is a little bit overkill and some of the products are straight up overpriced. The staff is helpful and provide a good explanation of the history of Coca-Cola. There are 2 Come photo opportunities, one with "The Vault" and the other with a Coca-Cola White Bear. The entire experience is interactive and is very well designed. Complimentary coke in the waiting area is a nice touch and the overall experience does make you feel like have Coke over other sodas, at least for a few days (YMMV). So I would say it is a successful way marketing your product in an interactive and fun way!

Brent Crenshaw

Wednesday, April 11, 2018
It was... Interesting. I'm not sure what I expected really. It feels kinda like you paid to go into an advertisement. If you love coke you will probably enjoy it? The 4D theater was cool. The cokes from around the world was cool but seemed like half the ones I tried to taste we're just water (dispense broken). If you have an hour to kill it's not a terrible experience. Just kinda bizarre. I would like to add that the best part is probably the employees. They are all happy and smiling and funny. It's very impressive. Without them it would have been terrible.

N. H.

Saturday, March 17, 2018
Cannot believe I have never been here before today! We had a great time!! So many cool pieces of memorabilia and pieces of art. Learning the history and story of one of the most popular drinks in the world was truly enjoyable. The tour was really cool and it made for a very fun Saturday morning. Tasting all of the various Coca-Cola products around the world was a cool experience! There is also a huge gift shop at the end of the tour if you want to pick up some items. Definitely recommend!

Michael Ciurea

Sunday, April 8, 2018
You enter into a room where you’ll be given a small can of coke (diet, regular, or life). Then you move into a hall of memorabilia where a guide will introduce you to the experience. From there it’s on to a theatre where you’ll see a video of people drinking coke (it’s actually pretty touching). From that point on you’re free to explore the exhibitions in the main hall. There’s history, commercials, a 4D movie, the vault, a “bottling plant”, and the tasting room. The tasting room is where you can sample coke products from all over the world. At the end you’re put out into the gift shop. You can see everything in just over an hour. I kinda expected more.

Kimberly Brooks

Tuesday, March 20, 2018
I had never been to a place like this. I am interested in history. This will give visitor's a really thorough experience of Coca Cola Bottling Company. Liking Coke products doesn't hurt. The only draw back was the room of a million drinks. Floor was really sticky. Other than that for the money (2adults around $40) wasn't to bad for the experience. I recommend that while in Atlanta if you have time go visit this area. Just get an early start as there is more than the world of coca cola and the aquarium there. Just get a city pass if you want to do all of them.

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