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Wild Animal Safari

1300 Oak Grove Road

Antarctica and has nearly twice as many animals as the Atlanta Zoo! We have the largest display of Ligers (half tiger/half lion) in the world. Visitors can ride through the park, observe, take pictures and feed the animals from their car or one of our Zebra Vans. There are few parks like this left in the world (three that we know of), so you are in for a once-in-a-lifetime experience!


Christina Love

Sunday, July 29, 2018
The experience was great, for the most part. The animals that are able to freely roam seem to be in good health, a large lake for water (like there would be in the wild), clean, lots of shade and grass, etc. My only complaint was the way the animals that were in cages/habitats were kept. The Lions, the bears, wolves, monkeys, etc. all had very small habitats. The baboons were being teased by kids the entire time (stuff was being thrown and this tube you could put food down was being shaken on the cage) and they were getting aggressive (even though there were signs posted to be quiet around them), the baby giraffe was being kept in a small building that seemed too small, and there were signs to not feed the baby giraffe but everyone was still doing it.. No workers were anywhere to be found in the whole area where the animals were kept in their own habitats! The only people I saw were ticket salesmen, people working a food truck, in the store, and driving in trucks around the area where animals could roam freely. There was a sloth in the reptile exhibit that had roaches crawling all around the cage and on itself. I've never seen roaches as a food option for any animal, so I feel like this was due to it not being properly cleaned. They seem to be drawing in the business because it was very busy when I went, but not putting the money towards expanding the sizes of habitats, hiring more employees, etc. This could be a really great place if they put the funding where needed. Also, where are the signs locally to advertise this place? I didn't see any signs for it until we were turning into the location. Maybe new management is needed? I'm not really sure but something here wasn't right. Great concept, hopefully someone with the love of animals buys them out.

Tenisha Turner

Tuesday, July 31, 2018
Oh my God this place is amazing. I took my girls here to get an up close and personal with some dear, zebras, and a long horn instead of going to the regular zoo. Boy was that an understatement this place has so many animals there and my kids loved it. We went through twice. If you drive through with your own car you can go through as many times as you like and take as long as you want, not be where there are animals there will horns and they may scratch your car. There's also a walking through zoo which is included in the price and plus they also have a dining area which is great food and reasonably priced. Great memories.

Jack and Cheryl Conter

Wednesday, Aug. 8, 2018
We visited Wild Animal Safari as part of our family reunion at nearby Callaway Gardens. We got there at 10am just as they opened and rented a van for 15 people, age 5 to 85. We also bought an 8 pack of bags of food. I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. We shot many videos of these huge bison and giraffe tongues in the van begging for food. We still look at the videos three weeks later and enjoy hearing the laughter. One word of advice, get there when they open to rent a van. When we returned our van about two hours later there was a 90 minute wait for rental. I wouldn't advise driving a personal car through the safari.

Evelyn Hess

Sunday, May 20, 2018
What a great experience! You will be laughing through the whole course. Animals come right up to your vehicles and eat straight out of your hands. The establishment offers drool towels and it is highly recommended you invest in one. I urge you to rent a vehicle. The first time I went the animals were not as demanding. This time they were beyond friendly. Renting a vehicle is well worth the experience. I think the course is about two miles long but there are so many animals along the way. Be sure to give out your pellets sparingly as the poor animals at the end probably don't get much. We were fair warned and had plenty of food by the end. This is a place you definitely want to experience and take the family to. There were six of us and we are all adults over 40 and we were having so much fun as if we were four and five years old once again.

Marifer Padilla

Saturday, Aug. 4, 2018
I took the Safari tour with the Bus.. it was awesome.. you could buy your bucket or bag of food and feed the giraffe, goats, ox, ostrich, pig, deers, zebras, buffaloes.. amazing..I recommend you to rent the car..this way you stop whenever you want.. you can also take your car but, at your own risk..meaning that the animals can scratch your car when getting close to you. Also, they have a zoo..I didn't like it specially because the space for the animals was TOO SMALL. They have cool animals such as lions, tigers, an alligator, a wolf, a hyena, baboons, but all the cages were very small.

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